Diving in Fiji

Discover an Ocean Full of Wonder

Whether you are a first-time diver or a an experienced professional we will have diving to amaze you. We firmly believe it’s not just where you take people diving but how. We have a team of diving staff and marine biologists who will make your experience remarkable.

If you need comforting guidance they will hold your hand and help you through. If you are seeking knowledge about what you are seeing we have the answers. Many divers spend hours underwater not really understanding what they are looking at.

Our staff will make your diving more enjoyable forever with a new appreciation of the underwater environment.

First Time Divers

Barefoot Manta presents explorers with a unique opportunity to uncover pristine, living ecosystems. Try an introductory lesson in less than an hour or get certified in 3 days!

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Getting Certified

Want to take your diving to the next level and become certified?  Barefoot Manta is the perfect place to hang out whilst completing your Open Water Course with our SSI qualified instructors.  You will need to allow 3 days to complete your Open Water Course (OWC).

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For Certified Divers

From easy coral reef dives to the extraordinary bull shark dive we think we have an excellent choice of dives. Throw in some caves, walls, pinnacles and night dives and your options are unlimited.

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Go The Next Step

Take the next step – become an advanced diver. Our advanced level course will expose you to a variety of diving to increase your confidence and skill level.

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Conservation Dives

Some of the conservation work we do requires more time than a casual visitor to be involved with. There are however some projects that will benefit greatly from having guests involved, such as coral planting, removal of Crown of Thorns and maintaining our clam nursery.

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Wreck Dives

We have two ship wrecks that sit just a 10 minute boat ride south of Barefoot Manta with a maximum depth of 24m, & the other 10 minutes to the west of Barefoot Manta at a depth of 32 m.

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Marine Experience

The marine experience is a tourism program designed for people to work alongside our marine biology department & learn more about coral reefs while doing great things for the environment. Sign up for a day, a week or a month!

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