Island Adventures

This is a place of adventures. Check out our list;


Kayaking along the beach to abseil the cliffs.

Introductory diving or take the plunge and do the certified/open water or advanced course you have always dreamed of doing

Fishing, unless you decide to swim with a marlin.

Hermit crab racing. Potentially soft but some people get very competitive!

The mountain walk. If your girlfriend has to carry you back down the mountain, you will never hear the end of it.

Beachcombing and Rockpool exploring. It seems soft unless you encounter an angry sea cucumber.

Kava Ceremony. Let`s be honest, you haven’t experienced Fiji until you experience Kava

Basket weaving.

Beach wallowing. If you get so relaxed in a beach side hammock you might just miss dinner

Coconut Jewellery Making. Always a favorite for those souvenirs to take home without breaking the bank

Diving the ship wrecks. This actually is more breathtaking than extreme but some Divers like to think they are extreme so we don`t want to disillusion them.

Cocktails on the sunset deck. Our bar attendant lost the nip measure.


Hiking - Best of Fiji

Fiji Island Backpacking Adventure

Calling all adventure junkies. If you’re into hiking, diving, abseiling and getting your heart rate up, then the Yasawa Island’s are for you. Barefoot Manta Island Resort has a variety of activities to settle your adventurous spirit.

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Hiking - Best of Fiji

Manta Island Fiji Adventures

There are many activities to chose from on our island. One recommendation is a spectacular snorkeling experience with some of our locals in the water. If you prefer to stay dry on land, a hike to the top of the summit is a must-do.

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