Fiji Island Activities

While Barefoot Manta is on the beach, there is also plenty to do on land. There are some fabulous walks to do, ranging from very energetic to very easy. Many of these will open out on spectacular views and all will enjoy spectacular scenery. Caves, jungles, beaches and rock pools to name a few. A walk with one of the local staff to learn about the history of the island is fascinating. You can also join our staff for a walk to learn about the plant life and its traditional medicinal uses.

For an extra cost, a village visit can be organised. You will get to see how the Fijians are at home. While some obvious things have changed in recent years, all of the village culture remains the same. A local guide will take you through the village and explain what is going on. Certain dress and behaviour codes are relevant so you will be advised on these prior to leaving for the village.

There are other activities that can be enjoyed such as basket weaving or coconut jewellery making classes. If you have an interest, ask the staff and they will be happy to help.