Discover Barefoot Manta’s Hidden Treasures

Fiji is world famous for its natural beauty and we want to highlight some of the most glorious features visitors can expect from a beach island holiday visit to our island paradise. We live here and we never tire of the bounty of treasures that can be found on our island. Whether you wish to savor the beach from land or explore the richest wildlife under the ocean’s surface, there is no better way to appreciates Fiji’s delights than from our perfectly placed beach resort. Throw on your floral shirt, lose the shoes and get ready to basque in pure tranquility. Here’s why we consider ourselves incredibly lucky to call Manta island our home.

We Have 3 Beaches to Choose From

Our resort is surrounded by 3 beautiful beaches, each offering its own unique set of characteristics. We call them, Sunrise Beach, Sunset Beach, and Manta Ray Beach. Wake up to the rising sun on our east facing Sunrise beach or chose the western facing Sunset beach to have the island’s most glorious sunsets wish you goodnight.

If wildlife is your priority, Manta Ray beach is set along a narrow stretch of shallow water that hosts some of the island’s most fantastic sea life, including the elegant Manta Ray.  Our resort is unique in the fact that It’s easy to find coastal locations that have one long repeating shore, but to have a beach island holiday resort that is surrounded by 3 varying beaches, well that is extra special

Our Accommodation is Right on the Water 

Imagine starting your day to a view of our stunning Sunset beach. Many of our beach facing bures are within a stone’s throw of the waves. End your days the way they should by taking up a hammock to rest and enjoy the most spectacular sunsets you’re likely to ever encounter. Our bures are designed to complement the location perfectly. There is enough shelter to keep you private and safe, while being stripped back enough to let you really embrace the sounds, breeze and precious sights of our idyllic environment.

This also means a good snorkel is never more than a short swim away. Step out of your room and dive right into the water of Sunrise beach to find the nearest reef. The soft coral attracts an unbelievable array of captivating sea life, all within a light paddles distance of your room. Many of our guests spend hours snorkeling to their heart’s content right in front of their accommodation. Have a look at some of our rooms here.

Our Picture-Perfect Island Views

Many of our most experienced guides have lived their entire lives in Fiji. Their knowledge is interesting and captivating, which is why we encourage our visitors to take at least one of our guided tours during their stay. Traverse the island on a 2km trek that promises to delight all of your senses. Explorers will find the island is covered with pristine Fijian forestry packed with fascinating native species, picturesque rock pools that are perfect spots to catch a crab, and idyllic high ground peaks that offer unbeatable views.

If it was possible to design your beach island holiday piece by piece, we’re sure most people would end up with something that pretty much replicates the natural wonders we have here. It makes us very proud to call this place home and we adore every chance we receive to share it with new visitors.

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