Fiji Conservation

Welcome to what sets Barefoot Manta apart. Unlike anyone else around, The Barefoot Collection has an entire department dedicated to research and conservation. This department is made up of a whole team of scientists, students, and enthusiasts that strive for the improvement and the discovery of knowledge of the world that surrounds us all. Our mission is to address the issues that are most pertinent to the local communities and the South Pacific region.

Through the investigative and scientific processes we try to apply practical and real world solutions. We have done our best here to provide you with quick highlights of some of our larger programs, but we can only fit so much in to a few pages. If we succeed in peaking your interests please consider coming over and participating in our projects first hand through our marine experience programs, or at the very least consider us for your next holiday destination. Plan that trip sooner rather than later, however, as mad scientists really are a thing and living full time on small islands may accelerate this process.

Hopefully while you are here you will take time to meet the team, get involved in a program, take a tour of the Marine Park, attend a talk or two, and spend as much time in the water snorkeling and diving as possible. You being here helps us move towards our goals and drives our work.

We hope to see you soon and thanks for helping to support Barefoot Manta.