Barefoot Conservation

The Barefoot Marine Conservation

It’s safe to say Barefoot Manta Island resort is an understated paradise. Traditionally known as ‘Drawaqa Island’, Barefoot Manta is situated in the stunning Yasawa Island chain, a region world famous for its incredible ocean visibility. Divers absolutely love it here, as do adventure seekers and those wanting to rest and recharge. The Barefoot Marine conservation is vital in maintaining the surrounding coral reef and its animal inhabitant’s health. Since the natural environment is our main drawcard we are continually monitoring and improving through research and conservation.

The Team

Between Barefoot Manta Island and our sister resort Barefoot Kuata Island we have a strong scientific team on-site in order to maintain and enhance Barefoot marine conservation projects. Manta Island has two resident marine biologists whom are incredibly knowledgeable in their field and committed to preserving Manta’s natural resources. Supervised snorkelling and dive expeditions with an expert is a once in a lifetime opportunity to really immerse yourself in an underwater paradise.

Environmental Projects

As members of The International Ecotourism Society , we take responsible tourism seriously. Manta Island continually looks for ways to minimise our ecological footprint, protect the environment and contribute to the wellbeing of the villagers. Whether it’s rehabilitating injured marine creatures, researching local Manta Ray behaviour, or educating guests re: preventive measures to counteract future environmental destabilisation – our mission to help protect our island and its founding culture is clear.


Informative marine talks frequently take place at the dive shop and research centre. Furthermore, guests partaking in a dive or snorkel trip benefit from our qualified tour guides extensive knowledge of conservation. Current eco related projects are highlighted e.g. giant clam protection.

Overall Manta Island and our Barefoot Marine Conservation endeavours to create a haven of wildlife. Immense care is taken to protect the natural environment. Sustainable tourism practices are implemented (where possible) throughout resort operations. We, like you, want to maintain a clean, green future for all.

Barefoot Manta Island

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